Wisdom and Light: Riikka Rajamaki

I have great affection for Scandinavians and Riikka Rajamaki is no exception. This wise, insightful and beautiful Finn has contributed to the collection of 'expert interviews' for my program "Maybe Baby". I wanted to interview Riikka, my new friend, after being quite moved by her blog post, "There Goes My Baby".  It's a deeply powerful post and is not necessarily about her "Maybe Baby" question but has so many shared themes, struggles, questions and insights, that it is like looking at it through a different prism.

Riikka has been kind enough to let me share this interview with you.  It is directly from Maybe Baby and deep love and wisdom.  It is full of light, much like Riikka herself.  You are welcome to stream it or download the mp3.

Riikka's program, "The Daily Nothing Intensive" is superb and is starting soon.  I encourage you to check it out, especially if Riikka's words and presence speak to you.  It was an honor to interview this lovely soul.


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