Pre-Thanksgiving Vitality Cleanse Bring a Buddy Special!

So many of you have asked how The Vitality Cleanse would work during Thanksgiving and you may be wondering just how cleansing and Thanksgiving go together. Ana (certified holistic health counselor and nutritionist, my partner in crime, rather...  in your health and vitality for The Vitality Cleanse) and I think it can work beautifully and want to share with you the real spirit of Thanksgiving, which is to give thanks and spend quality time with loved ones, right?

So, we decided to make things extra enticing for you to maximize your renewal AND enjoy your holiday by offering a limited time “Bring a Buddy” gratitude special.

If you are wondering how you will make it through the holidays in a healthy way, The Vitality Cleanse literally has all the tools you need.  But... why do it alone when this time of year is about connecting and being with others?

Now through Friday, November 19th:

Sign up with a buddy - friend, family, spouse, co-worker, pet : ) . . .

AND you each get 25% off this transformational program

That means buy one, get the second for ½ price!

Signing up together means:

  • Built-in accountability
  • Supporting each other in achieving fast results
  • Celebrating your success together
  • Never feeling like you’re “doing it all alone”
  • Having someone to help keep you on the wagon
  • Sharing creative ideas
  • Creating new healthy traditions and community
  • Making it fun!

And yes, yes people still lose weight, have their skin clear up, detoxify their relationships and revitalize their lives in the process.  Yes, we offer a guarantee.  All the information is on The Vitality Cleanse website.

And if you want to go solo with The Vitality Cleanse, that works great too.  The Vitality Cleanse