Free Maybe Baby Teleclass: Spirit Babies- with Laura Gates!


Free Maybe Baby Teleclass 

With my guest,  Laura Gates of Surrendering to the Signs

Laura and I look forward to a great conversation about the Maybe Baby question through the lens of "Spirit Babies".  Laura's work with "Spirit Babies" can help us understand and experience an otherworldy perspective on the possibility of motherhood.  Laura is also a featured guest expert and contributor to the Maybe Baby program.

This teleclass will explore:

  • Are you meant to be a mother?
  • Wondering how to even know?
  • Understanding ways to communicate with a "spirit baby" who may just be trying to get your attention.
  • What does this mean for you and your Maybe Baby journey?  Now what?
  • Sorting out and understanding all of the elements that make up the big ball of wax that is your Maybe Baby question.
  • And we'll leave some time for questions too!

At the end of the teleclass I will give you a little, tiny bit of information about the Maybe Baby course starting May 5th.  No big sales pitch!  Just hang around if you're interested or want to learn more about Laura's work.

Registration is at the bottom of this page.  In case you were wondering!

And no worries if you can't make the live call.  It will be recorded and made available to everyone who registers.


Laura trained with clairvoyant Walter Makichen, author of Spirit Babies and often works with them with clients in her Soul Infusions sessions.  Laura works with healing and intuitive medicine to help uncover your soul's purpose.   And if that weren't enough, she is also a sought-after executive leadership coach.  Laura's a lovely woman!  She's humorous, kind and generous... and she knows those Spirit Babies.

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