The "Friendship Sessions"
With Dyana Valentine and Randi Buckley

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For the past few months, the exquisite Dyana Valentine and I have been meeting on the sly. Our meetings have been to explore the terrain, confusion, gravity, importance, grieving, and nuances of adult friendships. It's an area we both are very interested in and also hear a lot about the challenges many of you (and we) have in adult friendships. 

We've talked about being dumped, getting the shaft, mismatched and unspoken expectations, being called the "toxic" friend, the increased speed and interpretation of our online connections, nuances, and the like. 

Our conversations have been fantastic, and we wondered if perhaps you'd like to listen in on what we're chatting about.  

Dyana and Randi.png

The Challenges in Adult Friendships

You'll hear two friends chatting about adult friendships and why we think things work the way they do (or don't). And if you're keen, tell us what you'd like to hear more of!

What challenges do you face in adult relationships?  What would you like us to jam about that might speak to you?

If you have something you'd like us to discuss, we're going to keep on doing just that.

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The Hope of a New Friendship and What Happens Next

We're chatting about expectations in NEW friendships and what we want for them and how that very hope affects the friendship; if we come in hot or are more reserved. Dyana rocks this one!  We chat about what Dyana calls "mutuality" and so much more!

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Now with Emma Alvarez Gibson!

Emma joins us for a great chat with the questions of "What if they don't want to be friends with me?".  What does that mean, how do you know, how we feel about that, and much more.  It was fun!