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Boundaries are the KEY to everything else in your life, as they are connected to everything in your life. So, how are your boundaries doing?  Want some help?

Boundaries can be so dang HARD... especially for kind people.  But they don't have to be. Instead of feeling like your boundaries are weak or disrespected (or that you don't have any and henceforth feel like crap, and then deal with even crappier resentment), let me help.


You'll get a taste of my fundamentally unique and effective teaching and coaching of Healthy Boundaries for Kind People. These are bite-sized lessons and actions that will make a big difference in your life. Do the work and get a running start on wildly healthy boundaries that honor your kindness.

Sign up below to get started. I'll send the first lesson to you right away and you'll also get an invitation to join our 7-Day Better Boundaries Challenge Facebook group.  I'll be there to answer questions and offer extra support during your challenge.

I want to help you feel like you have the tools, the confidence, and the ability to create boundaries that serve you and amplify who you want to be in the world.  If you're game, I'm game!  Sign up below!

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