Maybe Baby Coaching


Afraid you might someday regret NOT becoming a mom?

It may well be THE most definitive and heart-piercing question of your life.

"Maybe Baby", music by Wolf Larsen

 "Maybe Baby" is a coaching program for women who are ambivalent about having children, but hear the whisper of 'maybe' in their hearts.

 With compassion and no hidden agenda, 

we'll uncover your answer and towards peace with it.

The group program and retreats will return in Fall 2016.  Until then,  Check out the Maybe Baby Self-Study or Private Coaching.  

 "Do I want to have children?  Do I want to become a mom?  Really?" 

The Maybe Baby Course is closed but private coaching with me, and the Maybe Baby Self-Study Program, is available:

Maybe Baby One on One- Private Coaching for the Biggest Question of Your Life

Why?  To become a mother or not is the biggest conversation women aren’t having yet it’s the acupressure point for what happens in our life and who we become.  We need to know our truth and we deserve to be at peace with it, no matter what it is.  The cost of ambivalence is huge.  We pay for it in avoidance, time, energy, the wrong relationships, confused sense of self, a fear of regret, masking our desires or not daring to look.

Honor the whispers in your heart.  Together we uncover your truth.

Like the Maybe Baby Group Program, Maybe Baby One on One- gently and lovingly moves you toward your truth and helps you make peace with it.  Your entire life shifts closer to your heart; your truth.  And I help get you there.

Maybe Baby One on One

  • Five sessions with me in a personalized and tailored program for you.
  • Access to all of the expert interviews from the Maybe Baby Expert Faculty (incl. Lissa Rankin MD, Danielle LaPorte, Cath Duncan, Michele Lisenbury Christensen, Dara McKinley and more).
  • Between session activities and exercises to deepen your learning and understanding.
  • Having “The Conversation”  A personal guide to talking to partners, loved ones, or people who need to butt out.

 Investment: $850

Installment Plan: $284 now then again after two weeks and one month

(Need an alternative installment plan?  Talk to me and let's see what is possible.)


Full Payment: $850

I know where you're at and what it's like. It's a heavy question to carry around in your heart, unanswered, all the time. And of course, there are a myriad of outside opinions and pressure.  My entire life I felt strongly and often declared my lack of desire to have kids.  I continued that declaration even after I started to feel differently.  When I got really honest I realized that the whisper of 'maybe' was getting louder.  There was much to consider and I went on a journey of soul-searching and self-coaching to find my truth.  Two days after my 38th birthday I gave birth to my boy. Throughout my pregnancy I took those years of questions, the gestating concerns and created a coaching program for you.

The course will reopen in 2015:

MAYBE BABY- Six Weeks from Ambivalence to Peace

(In the interim, check out the self-study option.  That too, is a life-changer!)

Artist: Thomas Fuchs

A 6 week guided-coaching program to explore the deeper truth of your heart: if motherhood is calling you.

 I only run this program once a year, with limited enrollment.

Guided, expert coaching, exploration, soul-searching, essays, interviews, and a community of other woman ready to support you.  Exploration of the issues, fears, personal desires through nonjudgmental coaching and exercises.  Permission to change your mind, heart and be at peace with your truth, whatever it may be.

Maybe Baby seeks your truth  

I will help you find your answer and move toward peace.

 "This is the most profound thing I’ve ever done for myself.  I never thought I’d end up feeling or thinking what I do.  
I’m deeply relieved to know my truth." ~ Kat, London

We'll look at what may be in the way of that truth and peace, and what it means. Some women I've worked with have talked about feeling like a hypocrite (because you always said 'hell no' about kids), wondering if you'll be able to make it financially, how to talk to a partner about your feelings, your stereotypes of what people become when then become parents, how to be ok with wanting a child when a friend is suffering infertility or miscarriage, being scared that you might screw someone up, what you can say to well-meaning relatives who have opinions or won't stop asking you about this, reconciling having once terminated a pregnancy but perhaps wanting a child now, being ok with no, being ok with "I don't know", being ok with yes.  The list goes on, but it's your list and I want to help.  And I will.

As a part of Maybe Baby, you'll receive:

  •  Weekly video from me introducing the material for the week, addressing the hot topics in the forum and creating the safe space you need to look at tender questions.

  • Bi-weekly group coaching calls (times to be determined by the group), to take the material to a deeper level and on the spot coaching.
  • Additional private coaching with me during the week's office hours.  (Office hours: Like meeting with a professor in college, but better.  Office Hours are a predetermined time to call or Skype and get laser-focused, on-the-spot support and coaching.  First come, first served or you can make an appointment.)
  • Specially-designed exercises (from my own journey, clients and past participants) and writing to explore all sorts of aspects and fears around the Maybe Baby question.  They are truth seeking, compassionate, and get right to the heart.  You work on your own, on your own time but stay up to speed as a group.

  • Interactive reflection, feedback and coaching from me, on the exercises.

  • Interviews with experts who share their knowledge, experience and perspective on the whole Maybe Baby question.

  • Lissa Rankin, OB/GYN MD:  Nationally respected author and progressive women's health expert- Deciding; how motherhood/non-motherhood effects your physical and emotional health, her leap and experiences of her patients
  • Elizabeth Kearny: Genetic Counselor/Past-President of National Society of Genetic Counselors- Straight-talk on genetic issues, risks (and non-risks) to child and mother, maternal age issues (and non-issues)
  • Dara McKinley: Women’s Sensuality Expert- Pleasure as a gauge of your 'right' path and journey, how sensuality changes with motherhood, the wisdom and secret to knowing your direction
  • Michele Lisenbury Christensen: Loving with Power and Mama Coach- Motherhood and keeping your relationship on fire.  Michele was pregnant at the time of this interview and speaks incredible wisdom about what she'd say to her little girl if she had the Maybe Baby question.
  • Cath Duncan: Remembering For Good Coach- After her daughter was stillborn, Cath explored and has discovered ways to be a mother in the world without having a little one at your side. Incredible interview about expressing the aspects of motherhood you want to express in a world that may otherwise not recognize your mama-like contribution.
  • Jeni Loftus Ph.D: Sociology Professor/Women's Studies and Women's Identity (Purdue University): How society shapes our beliefs, choices and the "Motherhood Mandate" pressure we feel.  Who are we as women with or without children?
  • Laura Gates: Spirit Babies medium, Leadership and Intuitive Healing Coach:  Looks at the whole question from an other wordly- realm with deep insight in to who is calling us forth.
  • Riika Rajamaki: Looking at what your soul and spirit desire and how you use that to seek direction and peace.
  • And more…
  • Community: This is a safe place to discuss with other women who are asking the same questions and facing the same external and internal pressures, moderated and with active involvement by me.

  • A Maybe Baby Alumna Group: If you want to keep sharing where your journey takes you after the program in a supportive and non-biased community of other women on a similar path.

    Testimonials and Love for Maybe Baby

    "I've sat, mostly alone, with this question bouncing around my head for years. And years. Unlike some women, I never felt I had to be a mother in order to be a real woman. And that made me wonder if, perhaps, that meant motherhood wasn't for me. I could make as many arguments "for" as "against". It was exhausting.  The exercises Randi took us through didn't influence me in any way. What happened was something magical - she helped me access what was truly true for me. No more wondering, no more doubt. I know what I want. And the skills I learned to get to this place are perfect for any other Big Question. And the little questions too. I am so grateful to Randi and to her Maybe Baby program for bringing me to this most delicious state of peace." ~ CG, Toronto

    "Maybe Baby is just the thing for you if you've been grappling with whether or not you want to have a baby. Randi creates an incredibly safe environment to deeply explore the question to find what's true in your heart. She leaves room to look at the fears, the things that you haven't wanted to look at, and she helps you find your own peace with that. Maybe Baby helps you consciously be at choice."  Jen, San Francisco

    "Went from feeling anxious and lots of pressure to feeling really at peace and grounded.  The process was magical.  Randi is magical.  Magic I tell you, magic." ~ Laurel, New York City

    "I have described Maybe Baby to friends as "sorting out the biological and sociological pulls from how I really feel" and "just seeing whether or not motherhood is the right thing for me" but mostly: "It's something every woman should take.  It sorts out a lot of the static." ~ Leah, Oslo

    "After just a week in the Maybe Baby program, I felt a greater sense of clarity and peace. Randi asks the questions I never knew I needed to ask myself in order to cut through all the explanations I told myself I was relying upon in my decision to have children or not, allowing me to see the real reasons which were affecting my choices without my ready awareness. Randi’s methodology is like a gentle hand which never denies the truth of even these sometimes compensatory feelings and explanations, but simply posits new ways of considering these feelings, leading to a wondrous opening of possibilities for and access to unexplored feelings. The effect is simply magical. The insights are often unexpected, since they are inherently new ways of looking at things. And yet, somehow it all feels so familiar, like a secret room in an old house newly discovered, and it feels this way because it’s a part of yourself. Randi makes that magic happen, and magic is truly the only word I know to describe it."  Kari, Dallas

The program is set-up for you to get guidance and do the work at your own pace, but the weekly format keeps you on task and the forum keeps you connected to me and the others.  Your participation help makes the community thrive but much of the work is on your own.  Group work not for you?  Check out the Maybe Baby Self-Study.  

Past participants suggest people have about 2-3 hours a week to devote to the material.

Course Currently Closed The Maybe Baby Program is $475 

Please make sure you are ready to do the work as tuition is non-refundable.

Peace and clarity is worth the heartfelt work.  I support you through it.


Prefer installments?  Here are some options for you!

Two Payments of 237.50  (Half now and the rest in two weeks)
Three Payments of 159 (159 now, then again in two weeks and in a month):
* You will receive confirmation of your place in the course within 24 business hours, if not immediately after your purchase.  Thank you!
I did my research.  I put out a request on Twitter to interview women who were ambivalent about motherhood or weren't entirely sure about their decision. With only two tweets, and within two hours, I received over 200 responses from women around the world who were eager to speak honestly and without judgement about where they were at with this very question.  I've found this is a huge conversation that is not being had, with shared concerns, pressure and wondering hearts, and have designed a program to get to your deepest truth and feel comfort in it.
Quick and heartfelt reads: You're so not alone in this question- thought it often feels like it.  My sweet friend, Marianne Elliot has a lovely piece about her own Maybe Baby question and our work together:
And for more of a taste on my take on motherhood, you can find my interview at Jack Move Magazine.  

Facebook Comments
Denise Duffield-Thomas August 11, 2011 at 11:10 pm

It sounds like a fantastic program, something I will definitely do in the next couple of years, it really spoke to me in very individual ways. Thanks so much for doing this work. x Denise DT

Anonymous August 21, 2011 at 8:01 am

Thanks so much for your comment, Denise!  I’m glad it spoke to you.  So many of the questions and thoughts we have are collective as women but our own to answer.  Please let me know if I can ever be of help.  

Melanie Martin September 21, 2011 at 11:03 am

This sounds awesome… will definitely be sharing this. I have one child and there is no chance for another, but I know so many who are thinking about this… so I will be sharing it. 

Randi September 22, 2011 at 4:16 pm

Hi Melanie! Thanks for stopping on by! I appreciate your kind words. The feedback has been so affirming that this is needed. IT gives me gossebumps. Please do let your friends know what I’m up to over here. It’s super important to me to help women with this question- and I’d love to help them. Stop by again, Melanie 🙂

Annika September 22, 2011 at 5:12 pm

I have two beautiful children, and am definitely “done”, but if I was in that place, I would sign up in a second.  It looks like a beautiful experience, with much to learn beyond just the question of Maybe Baby.   Randi is amazing, natural, and wise.  I highly, highly recommend this to anyone considering it.  You will find Randi’s coaching and expertise exceptional.  

Holly September 24, 2012 at 11:30 am

This seems like a perfect fit for where I’m at right now in my life. My immediate concern is that I will be out of town until mid-October, with potentially limited internet access. Will this be a problem?

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