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 Afraid you might someday regret NOT becoming a mom?

It may well be THE most definitive and heart-piercing question of your life.

"Maybe Baby", music by Wolf Larsen

I know where you’re at and what it’s like. It’s a heavy question to carry around in your heart, unanswered, all the time. And of course, there are a myriad of outside opinions and pressure.  My entire life I felt strongly and often declared my lack of desire to have kids.  I continued that declaration even after I started to feel differently.  When I got really honest I realized that the whisper of ‘maybe’ was getting louder.  There was much to consider and I went on a journey of soul-searching and self-coaching to find my truth.  Two days after my 38th birthday I gave birth to my boy. Throughout my pregnancy I took those years of questions, the gestating concerns and created a coaching program for you.

From Ambivalence to Peace

A Self-study journey to explore the deeper truth of your heart: if motherhood is calling you.

Artist: Thomas Fuchs

Guided, expert coaching, exploration, soul-searching, essays, interviews, and a community of other woman ready to support you.  Exploration of the issues, fears, personal desires through nonjudgmental coaching and exercises.  Permission to change your mind, heart and be at peace with your truth, whatever it may be.

                   Maybe Baby seeks your truth  

         I will help you find your answer and move toward peace.

We’ll look at what may be in the way of that truth and peace, and what it means.

Some women I’ve worked with have talked about feeling like a hypocrite (because you always said ‘hell no’ about kids), wondering if you’ll be able to make it financially, how to talk to a partner about your feelings, your stereotypes of what people become when they become parents, and how to be OK with wanting a child when a friend is suffering infertility or miscarriage.

We look at being scared that you might screw someone up, what you can say to well-meaning relatives who have opinions or won’t stop asking you about this, reconciling having once terminated a pregnancy but perhaps wanting a child now, being ok with no, being ok with “I don’t know”, being ok with yes.  How to talk to a partner about your truth.

The list goes on, but it’s your list and I want to help.  And I will.

The Maybe Baby Self-Study Program includes:

    • 6 Weeks of coaching modules designed to take you into your truth.  Modules include exercises designed by me specifically for this question, essays, journal prompts, permission and reframing to open up to your truth. 

      The entire course is available to you through an online portal, with abundant resources to go further into the material.  You receive a new module each week and work at your own pace.  The material is available to you for six months, and can be downloaded.

    • Expert interviews to hear honest takes on the ‘maybe baby’ question through the lens of their specialty and personal experience.

    • Upon completion, membership into the Maybe Baby Alumna group on Facebook.  A self-supported community of women offering support, compassion and community while sharing insights and journeys.

  • Interviews with experts who share their knowledge, experience and perspective on the whole Maybe Baby question.

  • Lissa Rankin, OB/GYN MD:  Nationally respected author and progressive women’s health expert- Deciding; how motherhood/non-motherhood effects your physical and emotional health, her leap and experiences of her patients
  • Elizabeth Kearny: Genetic Counselor/Past-President of National Society of Genetic Counselors- Straight-talk on genetic issues, risks (and non-risks) to child and mother, maternal age issues (and non-issues)
  • Dara McKinley: Women’s Sensuality Expert- Pleasure as a gauge of your ‘right’ path and journey, how sensuality changes with motherhood, the wisdom and secret to knowing your direction
  • Michele Lisenbury Christensen: Loving with Power and Mama Coach- Motherhood and keeping your relationship on fire.  Michele was pregnant at the time of this interview and speaks incredible wisdom about what she’d say to her little girl if she had the Maybe Baby question.
  • Cath Duncan: Remembering For Good Coach- After her daughter was stillborn, Cath explored and has discovered ways to be a mother in the world without having a little one at your side. Incredible interview about expressing the aspects of motherhood you want to express in a world that may otherwise not recognize your mama-like contribution.
  • Jeni Loftus Ph.D: Sociology Professor/Women’s Studies and Women’s Identity (Purdue University): How society shapes our beliefs, choices and the “Motherhood Mandate” pressure we feel.  Who are we as women with or without children?
  • Laura Gates: Spirit Babies medium, Leadership and Intuitive Healing Coach:  Looks at the whole question from an other wordly- realm with deep insight in to who is calling us forth.
  • Riika Rajamaki: Looking at what your soul and spirit desire and how you use that to seek direction and peace.
  • Sarah Yost: A business and life coach who was deeply ambivalent about pregnancy and motherhood, and how she found peace.

- Past participants suggest people have about 2-3 hours a week to devote to the material.

- Please be ready to do the work as all sales are non-refundable.  (Peace of mind and peace in the heart are worth this exploration and work.) 
- You receive instant access to the program through our online portal (Ruzuku). 

The Maybe Baby Self-Study $125 until May 25th, 2015

Would you like to add a private coaching session with me? Self-Study PLUS Private Session $297  I am currently booked solid through August.

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